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Dreams and their interpretation

I came across an interesting article on dreams which reflects my own views on dreams and the meaning they carry for us. The article is published in Psychology Today and can be found here:

Do you know something interesting about dreams? When one is actively working with their inner selves through any method such as Freudian or Jungian methods of analysis, their subconscious mind gives them dreams which can be interpreted through the respective mode of therapy they are getting! Even if one is not engaged in any sort of inner work, dreams can indicate symbols that are prevalent in the culture in which they are born or are living, so that the dreamer can make a correlation and understand the dream. They can thus help themselves through understanding their dreams and the messages they carry.

Dream meanings are not absolute, they are relative to the method one uses to interpret them. For example, if one dreams of a ship, it could mean one thing in Freudian analysis versus another in Phyllis Krystal's method. The important thing to know is that our subconscious always gives us dreams that we are able to interpret according to our beliefs, culture or method of inner work. Therefore the meaning of the same dream can differ from one person to another but each gets what they need out of it. The meaning of a dream always lies within the dreamer.

I have worked with dreams for over ten years using the Phyllis Krystal method. I write them down, interpret them with the aid of my Higher Consciousness and if need be, complete the dream in what is called a reverie. This method of working with dreams is described in Phyllis' books 'Cutting the ties that bind' and 'Cutting more ties that bind'. I usually find that the dream does not recur after this, specially if it is a frightening one. In this way I can 'clean' my subconcious and what is more, once the subconscious knows that one works with the dream messages it gives, more dreams come forth to be seen and understood. Of course, this work requires a little time and dedication, but over the years I have found it a most fulfilling experience. You can try it too!

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