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Family Constellations

There is an interesting way to heal something within the family tree or the ancestral line, and it is called Family Constellations. It was developed by Bert Hellinger who observed the family life of the Zulu tribe in Africa. From what I understand, he came to realize that there is an invisible force-field within each family that can be accessed by each member of the family. This force-field is called the morphogenic field. What is even more interesting is this field can be accessed when an assorted or non-related group of people come together, each for their own healing in this manner, with different people role-playing members. of a family for the one needing healing. This work is of course done with a skilled facilitator in charge, The people representing various family members take up positions in space that are arranged by the client, who also has a stand-in for himself. The inner perceived reality is thus visualized externally. The people role-playing do not have detailed information about the family. However, astonishing things can and do happen where the "aunt" makes a statement that pertains to the real aunt, for instance. Revelations of a healing nature about deep hidden family truths or the real nature of a situation come to light.

You can learn more about this therapeutic technique here:

While I have not attended a family constellation session nor taken training as a facilitator, I have done work to heal my own ancestral line, particularly my deceased grandparents on both sides and their siblings and children. I got the impetus to do this deep healing work as the result of a dream I had had where I saw a large flock of crows around my front door. I turned and went back down the house and exited via the back door, but there too the crows followed me and they all sat quietly around me. Dream interpretation is a very subjective thing, as one's own subconscious chooses those images that it knows the person will relate to and interpret. So for me, I connected crows with ancestors as that is what the symbolism means for me. Having so many crows around all looking at me, showed me without doubt that I needed to do ancestral healing work which is something I had already felt.

Since I was by myself, and did not have constellation therapy groups in India, I did it by myself. The process itself I will not explain, for it needs to be experienced, but the gist of it is that I called each family member into my inner scene, opened my heart to them and did the process of emotional healing which involved acknowledging their unique space in the family group, and an outpouring of acceptance, appreciation, love and gratitude. One can only imagine how this would feel, especially for those members who are forgotten or not given their place in the family due to one reason or another. In constellation therapy, each member of the family has their unique place and order is important. This includes miscarried babies, people who might have been excommunicated by the family and also persons who might have gone missing.

The process I did took over 3 months to complete, and I found I had dozens of family members, just like the crows in the dream! I had the opportunity to work with the whole family tree going back 3 generations. There were those that had died due to trauma, unfaithful husbands, childless women, a great-aunt who was mentally ill and an uncle who had vanished - he just went missing. It felt like I was really meeting these people and having much -needed healing conversations with them.

Finally after 3 months of working 3-4 days a week it was done, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I never got a similar dream after that.

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