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Meditating with amethyst

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Have you had a unique or memorable experience when meditating with amethyst?

This gorgeous purple crystal holds great importance for me, as it is the stone for Aquarius and I have very strong Aquarian qualities due to 5 natal planets in this sign. I was told I have a violet aura and while I’m not sure if there’s a connection, I am very drawn to purple/violet colored stones.

This is a very short story but recently I was meditating with an amethyst cluster as large as my palm. As it’s pretty heavy, it was sitting on my right thigh with my right hand on it facing down. Now this cluster is full of little pointy amethyst pyramids. I’ve even had my skin sliced open when I pressed down a little too hard on the crystal. This time as I was meditating with eyes closed, my palm was resting firmly on the cluster. I was connecting to the Light from above and below, something I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon. After that I expanded the Light out of my heart to the whole world as she teaches. It was a wonderful meditation. As I slowly wrapped it up and was getting ready to open my eyes, I realized with amazement that I couldn’t feel my right hand at all. It wasn’t numb or anything, just that I didn’t feel the weight or the crystal on my thigh, nor the pointiness of its tips, nor even my very palm. It was like it just…wasn’t there…pretty amazing experience.…you know the satisfaction that deep meditation gives? I experienced a little taste of that.

Only later did I find out that amethyst is actually a great crystal for meditation. I had just felt drawn to this cluster and used it intuitively, which is also a very nice way to use crystals. Just go with what feels right to you and you will find it was the right choice

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