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Inner Child Healing

The inner child is a portion of our consciousness that needs deep healing and love. It is an inner 'child' for a reason. This part of us needs deep healing and strong love to grow up to one's current age. It is a part of our consciousness that is stuck at an earlier age, usually an age associated with a trauma.

The famous children's book author of the 20th century, Enid Blyton, experienced trauma as a child in the form of serious disharmony between her parents. This happened around age 12. Not only did this affect her mentally and emotionally, but also physically. A lot of her books are centered around teenagers, but there is hardly any mention of the things to which adolescents are attracted. Her books instead exude a beautiful childlike-ness which is what made her so successful as a children's book author. Physically too there seemed to be effects of that childhood trauma. She could not conceive, so she visited a gynecologist who remarked that her uterus seemed like that of a 12 year old girl! While very successful professionally, her personal life was not so smooth. Her second daughter was not on good terms with her and accused her of neglecting her when she grew up. Whether those accusations were true or not, Blyton's non-response to her daughter's pain was more telling of her own lack of having healed her inner self.

Each one of us needs to sit with the hurt, aching parts of us. We need the courage to face these broken parts of ourselves. To cry out our pain, to shout out our pain, to express it in all the ways we are called for our own cathartic release. In this process, if appropriate, to have open and honest communication with others. To pray about what has happened and cannot be changed. To ask God for forgiveness, and to have the strength to not repeat our mistakes. To go on with life, cleansed and free. I have done this process - over and over and over again. It requires courage each time, for each time there is that little voice saying "Well this time you are done for, because ...... (you were too bad, you have no more chances, etc etc.) I want you to know that voice is not telling the truth. You CAN heal from anything and you CAN be free.

One example of how to heal this inner child is through limbic re-printing. Birth into Being is one such process which offers the possibility of new reference points in the nervous system through re-imprinting the limbic brain. I have watched several documentaries of people all around the world attesting to its effectiveness and I am eager to experience it myself if possible.

Another way to release the negative past and move forward with lightness and love is by doing the transformative deep healing work in a safe group setting. One such process is called the Hoffman Process and I have done this work. It indeed left me feeling luminous and radiant with joy and love. With any process though, one has to have the ability to maintain what has been gained through ongoing inner work.

There are so many other ways to heal the inner child in us, and these are just two of them. You will know which ones work for you, for they leave you back in touch with that inner divinity, that inner love and peace we are all meant to live with.

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