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Releasing Soul Contracts

Did you know you could work with and completely release soul level contracts in this very lifetime? These types of contracts are most often thought of in terms of relationships, though it could have to do with other things as well. These contracts are not set in stone for life. We can use our strength, determination, will power and free will to change them or even release them if necessary.

Let's take a long term relationship such as one with a parent or sibling. The fact that you are related is not going to change, but what you can release is the energy invested in areas where it does not serve you. Sometimes that could be 90% of the relationship, and that's okay.

Before I get into the actual method to release these contracts, I want to emphasize that this sort of releasing should come from a place of deep stability and balance that comes from knowing one has done their best in the relationship. How would you know this? If the emotional state is relatively calm, that would tell you the truth. Or you could get an insight during meditation. Friends and counselers might be able to tell you too, but you would need to know for yourself as well. It has to 'click' and resonate that this is indeed done and there is nothing more you can do at this stage, at which point you are ready to release the contract back to Source.

For the actual releasing of the soul contracts, get into a meditative state and take some deep breaths. Then take a piece of paper and a pen and write down the following:

I now release the soul contract I have brought into this lifetime with (name of person).

I release all emotional entanglements across all directions of time, space, planes, dimensions and realities.

I release all mental entanglements across all directions of time, space, planes, dimensions and realities.

Add the following if appropriate:

I release all codependence in this relationship.

I release all physical and material dependence in this relationship that is unhealthy.

I release all financial dependence in this relationship that is unhealthy.

And so it is.

Karma is in effect, quantum entanglement. So by working through and releasing such entanglements, we are in effect, releasing karma.

You can add your own phrases or change the wording to suit you. If you only want to release certain parts of a relationship, you can say "I now release the soul contract with (name of person) that have to do with X, Y and Z areas of life".

Bury the paper in the earth. As long as it is a wood-based paper it will disintegrate in a matter of a few days.

You can also do this exercise to release guilt from things you promised yourself you would do, but never got around to doing. I know I promised myself I would do a certain kriya (breathing exercise) for 40 days, but I just could not proceed with doing this beyond a week. What caused guilt was the teacher had obtained a promise from each of us that we would practice the kriya for 40 days. So I felt terribly guilty and like a weak person with no will power. The fact was the I learnt this technique from my teacher Doreen Virtue, and wrote out the contract to myself and released it. The energy contained in it was gone, and I felt light again. So you can try this too.

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