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The #1 way to heal ascension symptoms

I began noticing the word 'ascension' being used a lot since late 2012, when there was a lot of talk about the Mayan calendar ending on Dec 21 2012. There was a general consensus among the spiritual community that the world as we knew it would gradually come to an end from that time, and a new world would take its place. I believe this new world is a more positive, loving, happier place than the one left behind and can already see it coming about. Need proof? Just google "when was the most peaceful time in history?"

Anyway, since early 2013, my own life has had twists and turns and unexpected developments I would have never dreamed of before then. I've been doing lots of learning at a soul level, and lots of releasing of the old for all these years. One would think that life "should" be easier than it is, and it isn't. All the same, I am proud of all the work I have done to be who I am now, so all that happened was necessary.

So as we ascend into more and more love and light, we can feel off-balance. Think of it like this. You are getting your house renovated. Your floors are being removed, the plumbing and the electricity are being reworked, all the while you are still living there! Uncomfortable, right? That is how it feels to be in the body while actively ascending and letting go of habits and behaviors that no longer suit your new self.

Symptoms of ascension can range from feeling woozy, spacey, having aches and pains to feeling like you're getting the flu. So what can a person do to ease the symptoms of ascension? I can share a lot of tips,, but this article focuses on the #1 way to feel better. And that is to get embodied. Yes, practice embodiment or being in the body more, because as spiritual people we can get so lost in our head / feelings at times that we forget we have a body which has real earthly needs. So getting grounded is my top way to feeling "normal" again.

My favorite way to get grounded is to soak my feet in a bucket of warm water with Himalayan pink salt. Since salt is of the earth and is a mineral, soaking in it is immediately grounding. It is very calming as well. Pink salt clears the aura of dense negative energies and pulls out all manner of toxins from the body, so I highly recommend it. I've tried this with regular salt and sea salt as well and find pink salt to be sooo much more effective in how clear and light I feel after doing this.

So, get yourself some lovely pink salt and try this as well! Let me. know how it goes in the comments :) Wishing you all happy healthy times of ascension!

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