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The importance of the North Node in astrology

In astrology, the nodes of the moon are very important though they are invisible points in space, created where the path of the sun crossed the path of the moon when a person was born. Thus the North and South nodes of the moon are created when a person is born, and the amazing thing is that these nodes show us so much about where we come from and where we are headed.

The South node or Ketu indicates our past lives. Were we rich with many servants or were we the server ourselves? Did we lead a materially focused life or a more spiritually focused one? Were we a loner or a gregarious person? Were we married or single? All of these and more can be seen by where Ketu is placed in the chart, by its sign and house position.

The North node Rahu, on the other hand, shows us where we need to go in this life. You can say the reason a person is born is due to Rahu, it is that important. Rahu's sign and house position show the areas most in need of development in a person's life. If a person is engaged in developing these areas, they can lea d a fulfilling life because they are literally going towards their destiny. It is as if their soul is rejoicing and saying yes! You are headed in your True North direction, the direction that fulfils you the most. Since each person has their life purpose imbedded within them, taking the path of the North Node is most fulfilling as they are engaged in what they came to the planet for.

One does focus on the South node especially in the early part of life, before 30, as it is most familiar and therefore a comfort zone. It is needed as the talents and gifts needed to go forward in life as an independent adult begin to take shape. In the later part of life, especially after 35, it is very important to go to the North node house and do its bidding. Be aware that this is the house that is least developed in the personality, so one can feel most unloved in this area of life. This is the area also where we can make the most mistakes as the North node is like a jungle - it is uncharted territory. So there is fear in going there, but one must if one is to thrive and be fulfilled in life.

I have the North node in my first house of my self and my destiny. My task in this lifetime is to learn to stand on my own feet, chart my own path through life and rely on myself more and more for love and acceptance. The south node being in the 7th house means I relied on others a lot in past lives and must remove any co-dependent tendencies in this one if I am to be happy. Additionally, the North node is in the sign of Leo, a sign signifying warm-heartedness, generosity and creativity. Creative self-expression through writing is something that would benefit a person with this placement. Having supportive planets in the third house of communication or in the sign of Gemini would enhance this focus and make the need for expression through writing and speaking even stronger (more on that in future articles).

Here is a brief description of having the North node in each of the 12 houses:

1st house: Self-reliance, self-love and self-acceptance. Charting your own life path rather than relying on someone else to show you the way. Releasing co-dependent patterns of behavior.

2nd house: Making your own money, learning to rely on yourself for your income, food and other resources. Releasing from financial dependence on others.

3rd house: Applying higher knowledge, higher wisdom and higher education to taking action versus just enjoying delving more and more into study/learning without taking action on your ideas. Needing to develop courage.

4th house: Helping your mother, delving into family roots/heritage, focusing on family in a balanced way with regard to career and outer professional life.

5th house: Working with children, learning to parent, learning about romantic relationships, needing to express oneself creatively.

6th house: Engaged in service of some kind, or a profession that involves small animals or caring for sick people. Need to focus on daily routines of work and health. Need to be engaged more in the 'real world' of work and service and duty, rather than escaping through addictions, self-undoing behaviors or even meditation.

7th house: Learn through relationships, there may be multiple relationships to learn from. Business and personal partnerships are the territory for learning, as might be the second child.

8th house: Having to sometimes rely on other people's resources even if unwilling or uncomfortable. This includes in-laws. Learning to dig deep, literally or figuratively. These people could be detectives, spies, miners, astrologers, psychics or work in the oil industry.

9th house: Needing to explore higher wisdom, philosophies, complete higher education even if later in life, interest in ashrams or gurus. Focusing excessively on issues related on siblings and/or neighbors may not be so helpful.

10th house: Focus on career, professional achievements and social status.

11th house: Need to go towards friendships, network circles and keep the faith in one's hopes, wishes and dreams.May have to have some level of detachment in romantic relationships and children.

12th house: Need to be careful to stay away from addictions and self-sabotaging behaviors. Focus on spirituality, meditation, letting go as a way of life. Can even run a spa or retreat with this position.

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