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Client Feedback

I have been working with Geeta for a few years now and I am always amazed by her open mindedness and her eagerness to be open and accountable for her own self. Geeta is a healer who has done lots of her own work and walks this path with integrity. Geeta has a brilliant mind and is an excellent astrologer and is also an adept energy healer. I have personally received Reiki healing from Geeta on a few occasions and the sense of clarity and openness the energy work brings is quite lovely. You can expect a sense of bliss and divine love when you work with her. I also enjoy reading Geeta’s writing as I find her written expression quite beautiful. She has an insightful way with words. Overall, Geeta has a golden heart filled with compassion which is visible in how she carries herself and her work. Her vantage point as someone exposed to both eastern and eastern culture is always humbling and eye opening for me, and I am very grateful for Geeta’s presence in my life.

John Hoolahan

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